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5 Ways To Get Sharper Photos With Your Fuji X Camera

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Everyone wants sharper photos when they click the shutter, right? Do you get sharp pictures with your Fuji X camera that you want? Try these 5 tips to get sharper pictures next time you’re out shooting.

Get Sharper Photos With Your Fuji X

  1. Use a Tripod – I know using a tripod or even carrying one can be a hassle, but it’s a sure way to get sharper photos with your Fuji X camera. Most photos are not as sharp as they could be because of movements when handholding.  Using a tripod give your camera a stable platform to get sharper photos with your Fuji X.
  2. Use the Self-Timer or a Remote Shutter Release – DSLR’s have a mirror that when moves out of the way when you press the shutter causing vibrations that can affect your photo.  Fuji X cameras are ‘mirrorless’, so there is no movement from a mirror when you push the shutter.  To make sure you don’t transfer any vibrations to the camera, you should release the shutter with the 2 or 10 second self-timer or a remote shutter release.  This will make sure the camera is still when the shot is exposed.
  3. Pick The Auto-Focus Point – Your Fuji X allows you to choose your focus point anywhere on the screen and you can set the appropriate size.  Don’t use the focus-recompose method since you change the focus plane.  The Auto-Focus point has 5 sizes to choose, and the smallest is most accurate and the largest may focus on something you didn’t intend.  I try to use the biggest AF point to get what I want in focus but small enough to be accurate. Learning to use the auto-focus system is another way to get sharper photos with your Fuji X.
  4. Bump up that Shutter Speed – Get your shutter speed to an appropriate speed if you are going to handhold your camera. The accepted shutter speed rule is 1/focal length. This is fine if you are working with a full frame 35mm camera, but the Fuji X is an APS-C format that has a crop factor of 1.5x. The formula for a Fuji X-shooter would be 1/focal length X 1.5. A handheld shot at 200mm would require a shutter speed of 1/320 or faster. How do you get faster shutter speed? Open up your aperture and bump up your ISO
  5. Optical Image Stabilization – OIS is designed to reduce camera shake and movement. Using OIS at lower shutter speeds and on a tripod, the best option is to turn it off. Why? The same motors that move to help stabilize the shot can also introduce small amounts of movement at slow speed or when you’re using a tripod. Fuji OIS is not tripod aware like other manufacturers.  When I’m on a tripod I turn off my OIS to get a sharper photo with my Fuji X-T1.

There are 5 ways to help you get sharper photos with your Fuji X the next time you’re out shooting. Leave a comment below if using one of these tips helped you.

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  1. Helpful info Thomas, thanks, I came across your site while doing some research on the differences between working with the X Trans sensor, having just gotten my X T1 a week ago, love it so far!

    1. Author

      Hi James,

      Glad you’re having fun with your XT-1! Sorry for the lack of updates I’ve got some good content planned in the coming months. Check back.


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