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Canon 5D Mark 2Recently I made the decision to use only the Fuji X series system. Since I bought my Fuji X-T1 I haven’t used my Canon equipment except once. Will I miss my Canon gear? Of course I will but do I regret getting rid of it? No, because the Fuji X system serves my photo needs in a smaller, lighter and easy to carry form factor.

Fuji X is just easier

Fuji XT-1I’ve read a number of articles lately about mirror-less camera systems and readers are asking if they should they dump their Canon or Nikon for the Fuji X system. The general answer is to do what works for you. I didn’t use my Canon equipment for months and when I did think about picking it up, I’d rather use my Fuji because it’s easier.  Easier because the controls are easy, it’s small, draws less attention and it’s light and easy to carry. The one time I did use my Canon it was for a charity golf outing and after the first couple of shots I realized that the viewfinder wasn’t a live exposure.  It was the moment I seriously thought about getting rid of my Canon gear.

More Fuji please

FujiFilm X SeriesFuji had a special running in early August that included the battery grip and extra battery when you bought an X-T1 body or body with 18-55mm lens. I wanted to have a backup X-T1 so I could have my 55-200mm on one body and the 10-24mm or 18-55mm on the other body. I also had a very early serial number that suffered from the light leak issue and I wanted to send it in but didn’t want to be without my camera. The battery grip is a pleasant surprise. I’ve always used a battery grip on my cameras since it helped balance out the camera with longer lens like the 70-200. The battery grip on the Fuji X-T1 worked similarly, adding a little something to the feel, enough so I plan to keep the 55-200mm on this body.  I’m happy with two Fuji bodies and 3 lenses, it covers what I need, gives excellent image quality and all fits in a nice compact bag.

If you have a DSLR, do you have a mirror-less camera or thought about switching?

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