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MacBook Pro Yosemite Problems

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MacBook ProI love working on my Mac’s.  I have an iMac and my MBP Retina.  My MacBook Pro is
a Late 2012 13″ Retina model with 8GB of memory and 256GB SSD.  It came with Mountain Lion and has been upgraded to Mavericks and now to Yosemite.  I didn’t see any issues with my MBP until I upgraded to Yosemite.  I was hesitant at first since users were reporting Wi-Fi issues.  I took the plunge late last year.


I thought I was one of the lucky few.  I hadn’t seen any issues with Yosemite when I first upgraded.  Maybe I hadn’t used it enough on the MBP to notice.  I didn’t have Wi-Fi issues, it was the MBP that seemed to be acting up.

I use Chrome as my browser on my Mac’s.  I hadn’t seen any issues with the iMac and Yosemite using Chrome.  I made sure Chrome was up to date, reset preferences, removed it and reinstalled it.  It didn’t seem to help.

I started to do a little more troubleshooting and found it wasn’t Chrome but the MBP.  I would see the dreaded beachball when surfing.  I followed most of the troubleshooting steps I could find.  I turned off the ‘eye-candy’ transparent windows and effects and change the minimize window effect to scale.  I reinstalled from the recovery partition and some of the issues disappeared.  I decided to reset my SMC and PRAM to see if that would help.   I reset the SMC (System Management Controller) which helped some but I still would have problems with the trackpad feeling like it was not responding.  I finally reset the PRAM (Parameter Random Access Memory).

The PRAM  is NVRAM(Non Volatile Random Access Memory) that holds settings for your MAC.  After you reset it you may have to go into your System Preferences and reset a few items.  Among the items that it controls are:

  • Startup Disks
  • Disk Caches
  • RAM Disks
  • Virtual Memory
  • Video/Display Information
  • Time Zone Information
  • Volume for startup and speakers
  • Mouse and Trackpad scaling/speed acceleration
  • Keyboard repeat rate
  • DVD region
  • Default System Fonts

You may have to check your Time Zone and adjust any mouse or trackpad settings you had.  So far, my Macbook Pro seems to be working better.  I’m back to using Chrome and no more beachballs.

How to Reset your PRAM

Resetting the PRAM is fairly easy.  You need to press Alt + Cmd + P + R and the power button to start your Mac.  You’ll hear the startup sound and when you hear it a second time, you’ve reset the PRAM.

Here’s a quick video I made to demonstrate.

I hope this helps you if you’re experiencing trouble with your Mac and Yosemite.

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